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SmartGo VIP Mini Vacuum Pump

SmartGo Portable Vacuum Pump

VIP Mini

2-in-1 Vacuum & Inflation Pump

Compact, powerful and fast,  your total vacuum and inflation pump for both travel and household.

  • Dual-use design: vacuum compressor & inflation pump

  • Powerful & fast: high pressure (vacuum: -8~-9 PSI, pump: 10~12 PSI) & high flow rate 4L/min

  • Space saving 70%, by compressing bulky clothes into space-saving bags

  • Comes with universal nozzles & adapters, compatible with different clothes storage bags, food storages bags & canisters available in the market, no need to order special bags

  • USB powered & no battery inside, more convenient for travel

  • Quiet operation, only 50-60dB

  • Compact & lightweight: 91 x 46 x 37mm, 105g

  • Made in Taiwan

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